Seafood and it’s benefits for the whole family…

Another fantastic article from freelance writer, qualified nutritionist and fitness instructor Helen Bowes on the benefits of Seafood for the whole family…

Fish is a Healthy and Delicious Way to Support Your Child’s Health

Fish has long been referred to as “brain food,” and in the last couple of decades, scientific research has finally started to discovery just why fish has this reputation. Many studies show that omega-3 fatty acids are important for good health, and also that a high proportion of people don’t get enough of these essential fats in their diet. This goes for children as well as adults; but luckily there are easy ways to get more of these important nutrients. Fresh, tasty fish like salmon and other fatty fish are high in omega-3 fats, and make a great addition to a healthy diet. As well as this important benefit, fresh and tinned fish are rich in many other health-promoting nutrients, including several essential vitamins and minerals.

The Benefits of Omega-3 Fats in the Diet

Many scientific studies have been conducted to determine what kinds of health benefits can be gained from omega-3 fats and fish oils; the results indicate that these fats may reduce the risk of prostate cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, enhance the memory, and provide protection from depression. There is also plenty of evidence that omega-3 fatty acids of the kind found in fatty fish may have wide-ranging benefits for children. For example, children with ADHD are more likely to be deficient in omega-3 fatty acids, with low blood levels of these essential fats, and side effects like dry hair and skin. Several studies also provide evidence that omega-3 fats may help alleviate some symptoms of ADHD. In some children, adding omega-3 fats to the diet improves attention span and other ADHD symptoms. Other studies have shown that children who have learning difficulties that affect their reading, writing, and math ability might benefit from omega-3 supplementation. Fish that contain plenty of omega-3 fats include salmon, sardines, herring, mackerel, and trout. Fresh and frozen tuna, but not tinned tuna, is also high in omega-3 fats.

Vitamins and Minerals

As well as those all-important omega-3 fatty acids, fish is also rich in many other essential nutrients. For example, fish is a very good source of B group vitamins, as well as vitamins A and E. As well as these, fatty fish is also the best dietary source of vitamin D, an essential nutrient that many people are deficient in. Just what does the body use all of these nutrients for?

  • Vitamin A is one of a group of related vitamins that function as anti-oxidants and are important for eye health.
  • B vitamins are crucial to bodily processes that convert food into energy and many B group vitamins play other important roles in the body too.
  • Vitamin D is essential for bone health, helps regulate blood sugar, and promotes the health of the immune system.
  • Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant that protects cells from free radical damage, and may also play an additional role in promoting heart health.

Fish is also rich in a number of minerals that support good health. Due to the mineral-rich composition of seawater, fish and other seafoods tend to be good sources of many essential minerals, including potassium, magnesium, iron, and iodine.

  • Magnesium is used by the body in many ways; it’s essential for health muscle and nerve function, supports the heart and immune system, and is important for bone health too.
  • Iron is a component of hemoglobin, the molecule that allows red blood cells to transport oxygen around the body.
  • Potassium helps the body regulate blood pressure and is also important for kidney health and function.
  • Iodine is essential for normal thyroid function, and since the body can’t make its own iodine, it must be added to the diet.
  • Fish that is consumed with bones intact, such as tinned salmon, is also a good source of calcium, needed for building strong bones and for nervous system function.

The importance of providing children with plenty of nutrient-rich food can’t be over-stated. It’s absolutely crucial that children have access to the nutrients they need to build strong, healthy bodies and minds, and the energy they need to stay active. Fish is an excellent source of protein and essential fats and nutrients to support growth and development.

How Much Fish?

The UK Department of Health recommends that we eat two portions of fish a week, including one portion of fatty fish like salmon or sardines. For adults, the portion size is around 140 grams, and for children, a smaller portion depending on their age and activity level. As well as this the Department of Health recommends a total of 1.5 grams of omega-3 fatty acids per week, which can easily be obtained by eating those two portions of fish.

 This is a freelance article by Helen Bowes


Seafood Pancakes!

Whilst we agree, there’s nothing quite like a  pancake covered in maple syrup, chocolate spread and banana to satisfy the sweet tooth! We believe savoury pancakes are often overlooked. 

We’ve been busy in the kitchen coming up with our Seafood versions and we’re sure you’ll agree they don’t have to be restricted to Shrove Tuesday!

Basic Pancake Recipe (can use this in any of the recipes below)

100g plain flour

2 eggs

300ml milk

1 tbsp sunflower oil/vegetable oil/melted butter, plus extra oil for frying

pinch salt

This is a basic pancake mix – blend the flour, eggs, milk, oil/melted butter and salt together to make a smooth batter – it should have the consistency of single cream. Different brands of flour behave differently so adjust by adding a little more milk to thin or flour to thicken.


Change the flavour and texture of the pancake by replacing the plain flour with Buckwheat Flour (this gives a gluten free pancake) – you may need a little more milk for this one. Try replacing half the flour with corn meal for a different textured pancake.

Ok then now for the interesting part!

 korean plate 2

A Korean Style Pancake (2 pancakes)

This uses a standard pancake batter but the pancake is topped with Regal Seafood Cocktail that has been defrosted and roughly chopped, 4 spring onions sliced along the length and chopped chilli – half to a full one depending on how hot you like it! It is served cut into bite size pieces with a dipping sauce made from soya sauce, rice vinegar, garlic, ginger with a bit of water to dilute. I would think sweet chilli sauce would go with it as well.

Method – Heat a splash of oil in a frying pan and pour in a layer of pancake batter. Scatter over half the chopped seafood, 2 sliced spring onions and a sprinkle of chopped chilli then drizzle over a little more pancake batter – save enough to make the second pancake. Cook the pancake until the base is golden brown then carefully turn over and cook until golden and cooked through. Repeat to make the second pancake. Serve cut into squares and serve with the dipping sauce.

For the next couple we need a basic white sauce recipe. Here’s what we went with…

Basic White Sauce

25g butter/margarine

25g plain flour

600ml milk

salt and pepper

In a saucepan – melt the butter and mix in the flour. Cook this mixture gently for 2 minutes and take off the heat before adding the milk gradually, whisking well. Bring to a gentle simmer for 5-10 minutes until the sauce has thickened. Reduce the amount of milk for a thicker sauce. Season to taste.


In the microwave – place all the ingredients (except seasoning) in a large bowl and whisk together. Cook on high for 2 mins then remove bowl and whisk well. Continue to cook on high for a further 2 mins and then whisk well. Cook for a further 2 minutes then season to taste.

Use this sauce as a base for your pancake filling as suggested below. Try replacing half the milk with white wine for a white wine sauce or adding grated lemon zest and a squeeze of lemon juice along with chopped fresh herbs.


 whitefish lasagne 2


Easy Whitefish lasagne

Next we layered up a white fish lasagne with pancakes instead of pasta sheets!

We started by combining pre cooked 500g Fresh Skinned and Boned Cod Fillets

with the basic white sauce and a handful of frozen peas and sweetcorn.

We made 2 simple pancakes and topped half the fish mixture with a pancake before another layer of fish and topping with the second pancake. Once we had finished layering we topped with grated cheese, breadcrumb and some chopped baby tomatoes.

This was transferred to the oven for around 15 minutes at 180oC.

smk had canelloni 2

Smoked Haddock with Spinach and cheese – cannelloni style

This isn’t any old Smoked Fish!! This is Traditionally Smoked Haddock from what is believed to be the oldest smoke house on Grimsby Docks, MTL fish curers.

We took 500g and cooked it for roughly  4-5 minutes in the microwave. We discarded the skin and chopped it up before adding a generous tablespoon of whte sauce, a handful of spinach and a sprinkle of grated cheese and then rolled it into 2 precooked pancakes.

We then sprinkled over a little grated cheese and breadcrumb. This is how the inside looked…

smoked hadd cheese spinach plate


Next up is one of our personal favourites…

smk salmon rolls 2

Smoked Salmon and cream cheese pancake roll-ups
So easy and ridiculously delicious!

We made 2 pancakes and very simply laid 200g of delicious Scottish Smoked Salmon and a combination of cream cheese/ crème fraiche with a tiny squeeze of lemon juice. We then rolled them up and sliced into bite sized pieces. Before sprinkling chopped Dill over the plate.

Body, Heart, And Soul – The Health Benefits Of Fish – a freelance article by Helen Bowes

Body, Heart, And Soul – The Health Benefits Of Fish

When you were young, you probably had a relative tell you that if you wanted to do well in school, you should eat lots of fish. Fish, they went on, is good for the brain. You probably believed it at the time (as children are wont to do), but dismissed it as an old wives’ tale when you got older. Well, as it happens, your younger self was right to believe it. Studies into the health benefits of fish are proving that not only is it indeed very good for the brain – but also for your heart, your skin, your joints, your lungs, your eyes…the list goes on. Here are just a few of the many ways in which eating fish can make you the very image of good health.

Fish Is Good For Your Heart

The benefits of oily sea fish were first suspected when it was observed that the Inuit – whose diet primarily consists of seafood – were observed to have much lower rates of cardiovascular disease than members of other cultures. While recent research has dismissed claims that Omega 3 fatty acids in fish directly benefit the heart, scientists nonetheless point out that consumption of fish can help to lower your blood pressure, and clean out your blood vessels. All of which is, of course, excellent news for your cardiovascular system. Due to fishing quotas and continued wrangling over European fishery regulations, the price of fish is often seen as an issue. However, if you are a bit financially savvy with your shopping, or buy direct from us, then fish can actually replace meats like poultry and beef with a minimum of damage to your wallet! After all, who can put a price on a healthy heart?

Fish Is Good For Your Brain

Just like granny told you, eating oily fish really can improve your brain – if you broil or bake it, that is. This is because the effect is, once again, down to those Omega 3 fatty acids – which are often destroyed during the frying process. Studies undertaken over decades on various individuals have determined that those who regularly eat broiled or baked fish have more grey matter in their brains to a later age than those who do not. In effect, this means that their brains are performing at a higher level for longer. Fish-eaters were also more likely to have achieved highly in school, and to have gone on to get a college education. These findings were borne out by a study here in the UK, which saw school children given Omega 3 supplements concentrating for longer and performing better in school than they had done previously. Scientists theorise that Omega 3 fatty acids may make it easier for synapses within the brain to signal each other, which not only makes the thinking process faster and more efficient, it also keeps the brain-cells active and nourished, meaning that they are less likel to stagnate and die off.

Fish Is Good For Your Mood

As well as being rich in essential fatty acids like Omega 3, fish is also packed full of protein, Vitamin D, selenium, and many other vital nutrients. It’s also exceedingly low in saturated fat. Vitamin D in particular is something that we in Britain really need to get us through the cloudy days and the dark winter. Vitamin D is a nutrient that is also obtained through the skin when we are exposed to sunlight – and as such it’s a nutrient that we really, really need. Humans evolved in much sunnier climes than Britain, and our bodies find it hard to cope without much Vitamin D. Traditionally, communities as far north as Britain survived by eating a diet high in fish, which is itself high in Vitamin D. It is only relatively recently that fish has started to lose its pole position in the Western diet – and we’re suffering the consequences. Vitamin D is essential for the formation of strong bones, and it is a major aid to the immune system. It also plays a crucial role in regulating our moods. Lack of Vitamin D is why so many people get miserable and even more get sick during the darkness of winter. Some people buy expensive sunlight lamps to help them get their Vitamin D fix – but it’s far cheaper (and much tastier!) to top up your D levels by eating fish!

This is a freelance article by Helen Bowes

Glogal Prawn crisis

News on the Global Prawn crisis…Unfortunately the global supply of coldwater prawns is currently at a critically low level, this is a unique situation and one that is industry wide affecting all suppliers.

Regal Fish are committed to customer satisfaction and so we are working hard with the help of our supplier to get the best market price for our customer but in the meantime it is with regret that we will have to further increase the price of our Regal Superior Prawns.

Please be assured that our supplier is actively looking to acquire stock and as soon as they do we will let our customers know and any savings will be passed on to our valued customers.

We realise the desire for coldwater prawns, particularly coming up to Christmas and as usual we will have special offers on the usual festive favourites. These will come on sale next week so keep an eye out for the discounted packs.

We will keep you informed of the global situation as it develops.

The Regal Team

This months ‘Learn to love fish’ workshop


We were at a primary school in Crowle recently, working with a very large group of children aged between 3 and 7.

First we did our usual presentation to the school, which is designed to teach the children about the importance of a healthy diet and how introducing seafood can benefit the way our brain and body functions.


Then we did something a bit different, which was to bring some whole fish in for them to touch and feel. We gave the children an opportunity to see how the fish move and the different parts of the fish and how they are all different.


The children responded really well and were fascinated by the fish, particularly the monkfish!


We took some fish for them taste! A nice mixture of smoked salmon and smoked mackerel dips with crudités. Some prawns, salmon, haddock, lemon sole and plaice. All of the children had a taste and when asked they scored most of the things they tried 10/10!


We had such a brilliant time and the kids seemed to really enjoy it! Hopefully they learned something and will take the information away with them. It would be lovely if they continue with their new found love for seafood!

Fish for all the family!

fish for all the family

swimming fish final

We have been working on some ideas to help tempt your children to eat seafood. We appreciate it isn’t always the easiest thing but due to the enormous health benefits, it’s worth trying different ideas and introducing various types of seafood into your little ones diet.

The above link will explain how you can do this :-)

Fishing for our future! Where do we stand on sustainability?

selection pack

Fishing for our future! Click here to find out how we are trying to provide our customers with seafood that is caught using sustainable methods.

Whilst all of the seafood we supply is responsibly sourced, we work hard with our customers to ensure they are armed with the knowledge of which products are outlined on the MSC ‘fish to eat list’.

We have an easy to use section on our website which keeps all of these products in one place and are always looking at our product library to see where we can make improvements.


There’s something ‘a bit fishy’ about this birthday party!

Mini baguettes with smoked salmon dip and carrots/ cucumber sticks.  Smoked salmon dip with prawn 'waves' and an 'octopus' pepper.  Various crudettes to serve.

Mini baguettes with smoked salmon dip and carrots/ cucumber sticks.
Smoked salmon dip with prawn ‘waves’ and an ‘octopus’ pepper.
Various crudettes to serve.

Crab fishcakes, Garlic and herb cod bites and cod goujons.

Crab fishcakes, Garlic and herb white fish bites and cod goujons.

King Prawns wrapped in bacon, scallops and chorizo, scampi and lemon sole goujons. Salmon Pearls also feature!

King Prawns wrapped in bacon, scallops and chorizo, scampi and lemon sole goujons. Salmon Pearls also feature!

Watermelon shark! White chocolate fountain in the background with blue food colouring to create a 'sea' effect.

Watermelon shark! White chocolate fountain in the background with blue food colouring to create a ‘sea’ effect.